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Back Rubbzz @ Work

Allow us to rescue your staff!  Our team of Licensed Massage Therapists are ready to roll out and bring relaxation to the workplace. 

On-Site Chair Massage has grown in popularity!  Saavy businesses acknowledge the presence of stress in the workplace and the devastating effects it has on staff health, sick time use, attitude and ultimately, the business' bottom line.

Our ergonomically designed massage chairs provide a revolutionary way to offer the benefits of massage in public places.  During a Back Rubbzz @ Work visit, the recipient is seated and fully clothed.  Massage techniques are performed through clothing with the session focusing on the upper body - head, neck, shoulders, back and arms.  Sessions last the length of a typical work break, 10-20 minutes.  On-site massage does not require a private room, and can be given at the workstation, in an office, cubicle, or any small space, such as a corner of a conference or break room.  All we require is approximately a 5-ft diameter circle of space to do our job.

The cost of each Back Rubbzz @ Work massage session is $1/minute and traditionally purchased in 5-minute increments up to 30 minutes per session. 

$30 SET-UP FEE applies for individual visits unless your company sets up a regular visit Back Rubbzz @ Work program.

Payment for each visit is expected at the time of service.  We acknowledge that businesses and events function differently and the flexibility of this program accomodates most accounts payable protocol. 

You decide!  Your company may choose to pay for our visit, or have each individual staff member pay as they receive their session.  Payment may be split between the company and the staff member in some instances where the company provides a 10-minute massage for each staff member, but the staff member elects to receive 20-minutes of massage and pay the difference to us directly.  The sky is the limit to the ways to work out payment.  Let's talk!


Date & Time for your visit

Event Name (if applicable)

Address & driving directions

Contact Person (this person prearranges our massage schedule with your staff)

How many staff do you have that will be receiving massages?

How long of a session do you plan for each staff member to receive?

How do you wish to pay for this visit?


Is this visit a surprise? After all, We don't want to spoil that!